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Primary Election – Tuesday, August 6

Voters of Michigan will head to the polls on August 6 to vote on state and local offices and issues. Click here to see what is on the ballot in your jurisdiction. Registered voters can cast a ballot in any one of the following ways:

 In-Person Voting:

  • Election day voting is August 6. Registered voters can cast their ballot in person at designated polling precincts on Election Day. Your precinct can be found on your voter information card or here.

Absentee Voting via Absent Voter Application:

  • Registered voters can request and complete an absentee voter ballot application online or at the Clerk’s Office. A ballot will then be mailed to you. This option will be phased out in 2024.

Absentee Voting via Permanent Mail Ballot:

  • Starting in May 2023, registered voters could sign up to join the Permanent Mail Ballot List and receive a ballot by mail prior to all future elections. If you signed up for this list, you will automatically receive a ballot by mail. A reminder that it will be the voter’s responsibility to notify the Clerk if you are going to be temporarily away from your permanent address. In these instances, the Clerk will need your temporary address to send your ballot to you. Ballots cannot be forwarded by mail. If you will need your absentee ballot mailed to an address other than your permanent address, please call the Clerk’s Office at (517) 641-6728.

Early Voting:

  • Early voting for registered voters will be offered for nine consecutive days, beginning on the second Saturday (July 27th) before the election and ending on the Sunday (August 4th) before the election, for at least eight hours per day. Early voting sites in Clinton County are the DeWitt Township Hall and the Bingham Township Hall. These early voting sites serve all registered voters in Clinton County.

Residents can go to for further information and voter resources or contact the Clerk’s Office at (517) 641-6728.

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