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Cooling Centers

Cooling Centers offer Tri-County residents a place to go to escape the heat for at least a few hours a day. This is especially important for seniors and people with chronic health conditions. Cooling Centers are only open when weather is dangerously hot.


Transportation to Cooling Centers

Free rides to Cooling Centers are available for residents with a physical and financial need through CATA, EATRAN, and Clinton Area Transit. Residents should call 2-1-1 for more information.


Hot Weather Safety To-Do List

  • Check on neighbors or family members without air conditioning who may have a hard time getting out of their home.
  • Make sure pets have plenty of water and a cool place to rest.
  • Take care of yourself by avoiding strenuous activity during the hottest part of the day and by spending at least a few hours a day in a cool place.


List of Cooling Centers

Cooling & Warming Locations in Clinton, Eaton, & Ingham Counties

2024 Capital Improvement Plan Proposals

The Bath Charter Township Planning Commission has officially opened the submission window for the 2024 Capital Improvement Plan proposals. The timeline for the proposals is as follows:

  • June 11: CIP kickoff and project submission window opens (4 weeks)
  • July 9: Project submissions due
  • July 12: Project sheets available online
  • July 23: Applicants attend the Planning Commission meeting to discuss their proposals
  • August 13: Planning Commission discuss the projects and provides scores to Planner
  • September 10: Planning Commission review and approve adoption of CIP
  • October 7:  Board of Trustees acceptance of CIP

Capital improvement projects are currently defined as permanent, physical or system improvements that cost at least $20,000, or significant equipment purchases in excess of $20,000 and add value to the Township. Examples of capital improvement projects are parks, government facilities, roads, and sewers.

Typical projects considered include:

  • Construction or large-scale rehabilitation of public structures
  • Construction or large-scale rehabilitation of roads
  • Construction or large-scale rehabilitation of sewers
  • New equipment and machinery purchases in excess of $20,000
  • Construction of a new facility
  • Significant remodeling or expansion of existing facilities
  • Purchase or improvement of land
  • Planning and engineering costs related to specific capital improvements

Projects which are generally not considered:

  • Routine maintenance and repairs of equipment and machinery
  • Routine maintenance of road and sewer systems
  • Costs for programming not associated with a fixed asset
  • Projects that already have established funding sources which are not accounted for, or those with more appropriate funding alternatives

The Planning Commission recognizes the importance of coordinated planning and budgeting practices. In order for projects to be included in the CIP, the project must have support from at least one township department or a majority vote of support from a Township Committee, Commission, or Board.

CIP proposals from individuals, organizations, or businesses may be submitted for consideration, provided however, that the project in question is officially supported by a Township department or by majority vote from a Township Committee, Commission, or Board.  It should be noted that if a project such as this becomes incorporated into the Township budget, responsibilities of that investment over its lifespan may require the attention and oversight of the sponsor.

Attachment A – CIP Definitions

Attachment B – 2024 CIP PDF Application

Google Form Application