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Brenda Butler-Challender Awarded 2021 Deputy Clerk of the Year


Clerk Brenda Butler-Challender was awarded the 2021 Deputy Clerk of the Year Award. The recipient of this award is voted on by the over 800 MAMC members. Brenda was one of two finalists chosen in June 2021. Brenda’s award was bestowed by MAMC President Mary R. Clark and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

Brenda Butler-Challender, Deputy Clerk of Bath Charter Township, was appointed to her position in 2010. She is a MAMC member and currently working on obtaining her CMC designation.

Nominated by her Superintendent, Karen Hildebrant, she states, “Brenda can always be counted on to step up and accomplish any task that is asked of her. She is always searching for new and more efficient ways of completing her work…  She is a rare treasure both as a person and as an employee. Her kind heart and determination couple to make her a model Deputy Clerk, and perhaps someday our Clerk. Our Township would not have been able to survive without Brenda’s tenacity and perseverance“.

Hildebrant’s nomination referenced the way that Brenda stepped in and assumed many of the Clerk duties during the Clerk’s unexpected long-term medical absence after 40 years of service. She had to adapt quickly and take on many additional new responsibilities. In anticipation of higher voter turnout, Brenda quickly identified a need for updated election computers to manage the expected record turnout.  She then took the older laptops, networked them and added an additional station in each voting precinct to strictly process absentee ballots to ensure the voting line was efficient and results were reported in a timely manner.

Brenda developed new training manuals for the e-poll book, and the county even began using her instructions. She also manages the Township’s accounts payables; maintains the rental facility calendars for both the parks and Township buildings; works with the auditors on collating and assembling required paperwork; office inventory; manages the burn permit program; invoices for services rendered; conducts utility billing; and creates and maintains quarterly sewer bills. Brenda expanded the use of ACH payments by setting residents up with e-billing in lieu of paper statements. She also assists with cemetery operations, and updating the Township website to improve communication with the residents. She often trains new employees and created the Township’s Instructions for Operations, which has helped to ensure there is consistency throughout the office.

Additionally, Brenda expanded and streamlined the Township’s annual “Tom King Memorial Junk Day,” which allows residents to dispose of their unwanted treasures at no cost. She organizes the entire event by handling the marketing, arranging the vendors, and balancing the associated costs. Brenda has saved the township money by significantly improving the time efficiencies to process the residents. She also took over human resources, benefits, payroll, W-2’s and retirement plans.

Ms. Butler-Challender states, “…I have always strived to improve, modernize, and update the programs, processes, and applications of the Township… I have always focused on efficiency, helping others, and expanding knowledge to the community… I became the go-to person when others had questions or needed help… Many processes that the Clerk has done for years were not passed down to anyone, so when her illness took hold, I had to quickly figure out and self-teach how to do many aspects of her job that had not been previously shared. I have been able to learn these responsibilities and compose instructions for operations so that this situation does not occur in the future.”