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Building & Zoning: Zoning Board of Appeals Request


Bath Charter Township has five separate zoning districts:

  • Rural
  • Developmental
  • High Density
  • Medium Density
  • Low Density


The Zoning Administrator will review the plot plan that was submitted with the building permit application.

The zoning will either be approved or denied based on the Bath Charter Township Zoning Ordinance requirements for the zoning district where the property is located.

The Zoning Administrator may only approve the zoning according to the provisions of the Bath Charter Township Zoning Ordinance.

If the project’s zoning cannot be approved by the Zoning Administrator, an application may be made to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is a five member board that has the power to grant variances or interpretations to the Bath Charter Township Zoning Ordinance.

An application must be filled out and submitted to the Zoning Administrator.

Application to Zoning Board of Appeals


Zoning Board of Appeal Fees:

  • $100.00 residential
  • $250.00 multiple family residential and signs
  • $300.00 office, commercial, industrial and ordinance interpectation.

ZBA meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm.

An application, site plan and fee must be turned in 25 days before the meeting.

The State requires notification of the meeting to be published in a newspaper and letters mailed 15 days before the meeting to adjacent property owners within 300 feet of the appeal address.

A reminder letter will be sent to the applicant as well.

"The applicant or the applicant’s representative must be present at the meeting to present their appeal before the ZBA board. If the applicant or representative is not present the appeal will be tabled to the next meeting. Decisions will be made at the meeting."

The minutes of the meeting will be available approximately five days after the meeting.  The applicant may request a copy of the minutes by calling 517.641.4238.