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Bath Township Police Officers Receive Awards

At the Township Board meeting on November 7, five officers received awards for their outstanding performance and service to the community. Officer Tom Miller, Officer Andrew Wiswasser and Detective Gary Smith were each awarded the Certificate of Merit award for their work involving larcenies of copper.

The individuals responsible committed these thefts over a large area in Michigan and into Indiana. The officers used team-work and ingenuity, and demonstrated that every case deserves their very best. These three officers stopped a crime wave as a result of their dedication.


Officer Kip Harman received the very first Chief’s Award issued by Chief Rose. This award was given to Officer Harman due to his exemplary service to the community. Officer Harman has been the Dare Officer, has been a member of the tactical team since inception, taught at the academy, is a member of the Tri-County Dive Team and is the commander of the Clinton County Special Rescue Team. In addition, Officer Harman has become the longest serving police officer in the history of Bath Township.

Officer Mike Lapham and Officer Andrew Wiswasser received the Medal of Bravery awards. These officers responded to a domestic and were later advised the subject set fire to the residence. The mentally unstable individual stayed inside the residence as flames and smoke converged. The two officers risked their lives to enter the burning residence to attempt to remove him from the fire. The individual fought with the officers and they were forced to Taser the individual to get him out of the residence. All three received smoke inhalation as a result of this incident. The Medal of Bravery is one of the highest awards given by the department. Only one other officer has been awarded this medal, Lt. Lyle Lindemulder.

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Last Updated on 27 January 2012