The Southern Clinton County Municipal Utilities Authority (SCCMUA) is also cleaning and televising sanitary sewers in the Township – particularly in the Park Lake area and neighboring streets.

This is part of the system’s annual maintenance cycle. This work is being performed under contract by Plummers Environmental Services. Because of the nature of this service, there is a possibility for residents to experience some unpleasant odors and noise. SCCMUA and Plummers also will be working in easements and traffic could be slightly affected by these vehicles. However, there are several important steps residents can take to prevent potential problems:

  • Make sure there is water in all traps in the home – including the ones in the basement – before and after the service in your area is completed. The process of cleaning the lines involves high-pressure water, which can create a vacuum in the lines and drain the water from the traps and toilets. Without water in the traps, gases can come through the drains and into your home.
  • Make certain lids are closed on toilets during this process.
  • Be patient. This process may be a short-term inconvenience, but will be a long-term benefit by preventing potentially significant problems down the line.

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