Bath Charter Township plans to complete a large sanitary sewer construction project in Drumheller Road this summer. The work is being done primarily to replace aging, undersized infrastructure. It will also add storage to reduce downstream capacity problems. And it will reduce maintenance and operating needs.

Scope of Project

The scope of the project will include demolition of two existing lift stations, construction of a new lift station, replacement of existing 18″ sanitary sewer with 60″ sanitary sewer, installation of new 8″ sanitary sewer and replacement of roads and driveway approaches that are impacted by construction.

The work will be completed within the Drumheller Road right-of-way between the Fire Department (5633 Drumheller) and 5364 Drumheller, as well as within a north/south sewer utility easement located between Drumheller Road and I-69.

The contractor is Kamminga & Roodvoets (K&R) of Grand Rapids. The engineer is Prein&Newhof of Grand Rapids.

The project has been designed to accommodate future “equalization basin” pipe for underground storage, sewer service for properties west of Webster Road, and elimination of Lift Station 219.

> > Click here to view the project presentation by Steve Taplin of Prein & Newhof presented at the Neighborhood Meeting on May 10, 2018 < <

Construction Schedule

The anticipated construction start date (weather dependent) is June 11. The project should be completed around September 24, depending on weather and/or unforeseen events during the construction.

Clearing trees and brush within the right-of-way and easements has been approved to start in May, prior to actual construction.

Road Closure and Access

For site safety and constructability reasons, Drumheller Road will be closed to all traffic between the Fire Department (5633 Drumheller) and 5364 Drumheller during construction. Access will be maintained for emergency vehicles and residents within the closure area only.

Individual driveways may be closed during the day, but will be restored to a drivable condition after each work day.

The Fire Department will maintain access on Drumheller east to Webster Road throughout the project, except for one day (probably in late summer).

Mail Delivery

To facilitate mail service, the Contractor will coordinate with you and the Post Office and may temporarily relocate your mailbox to a central location.

Garbage Collection

The Contractor also will work with you and your trash hauler to maintain service.

School Buses

Road closure should not affect school buses until the start of the next school year in September. If needed, the School will likely coordinate an alternate pick-up / drop-off point to serve residents in the construction area.

Tree and Brush Removal

Some landscaping, trees, and vegetation will be removed within the road right-of-way and easements.

Vegetation within the right-of-way will not be replaced and other structures may not be replaced if deemed a traffic hazard by the Road Commission. Adjacent property owners should move anything they would like to save and relocate it outside the right-of-way before construction commences.

Clearing trees and brush within the right-of-way and easements has been approved to start in May, prior to actual construction.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, we will work with you to ensure that the work can proceed with the least impact to you in a cost effective manner for the Township and the residents.

Dan Wietecha, Superintendent
Bath Charter Township
Phone: (517) 641-6728
Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday

Steve Taplin, Engineering Representative
Prein & Newhof
Phone: (616) 364-8491

The Township’s website ( and Facebook page ( will have project updates during construction.