Board and Commission Meeting Videos

Training for Committee Chairs & Vice-Chairs

February 3, 2016 Training Packet

Committees, Boards & Commissions: Chairs, Vice-Chairs & Secretaries


Roles & Responsibilities

Bath Charter Township Organizational Chart


Overview of Committees

Application for Appointment

Description of Committees in Bath Charter Township

Minutes-On-Demand Notification Sign-Up Instructions


Meeting Management

2016 Meeting Schedule BOT Approved 12/21/2015

Agenda Sample Includes Video Recording Notification

Board Meeting Rules of Order Updated 12/21/2015

Meeting Etiquette

Open Meetings Act Act 267 of 1976, Michigan Compiled Laws

Open Meetings Act Handbook Attorney General Bill Schuette

Parliamentarian's Corner

Robert's Rules of Order

Rules for Chairing a Meeting

Taking Minutes

Video Recording Committee Meetings

Board-Committee Relations

2016 Committee Report Schedule DRAFT as of 2/01/2016

Optional Guide for Committee Reports to the Board of Trustees


Budget & Finances

Budget Overview 

Local Government Dollars & Sense

2016 Budget for Bath Charter Township  BOT Approved 12/21/2015


Capital Improvements Program

CIP Overview & Evaluation Criteria 

2015 Bath Charter Township Capital Improvements Program 

Strategic Planning

Benefits of Strategic Planning

2016-2020 Bath Charter Township Strategic Plan