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Property Checks While You Are Away From Home

Going on vacation? Did you know that you can get put on a property check list at the Police Department?

Just call and we will take your information and add to our vacation list.

Officers will keep special attention periodically on your house while you are away.

Tips while you are away from home:

  • Keep your lights on a timer.
  • Let neighbors you trust know when you will be away so they notice strange vehicles in your drive.
  • Keep a radio on to make it sound like someone is home.
  • Have your mail and newspaper held or have someone get them. Don’t let them pile up.
  • If you are gone for an extended time, make arrangements to have your lawn mowed.
  • Of course, double check all doors and windows to make sure they are locked. Put a bar in the track of a slider door.
  • If you normally have a key under a doormat or flower pot, remove it at this time. Leave with a trusted neighbor if you are worried about emergency access.
  • Lower your telephone ringer so it can’t be heard ringing for an extended period of time. Lower the amount of rings to go to the message recorder if you have one.


Bath Charter Township Police Department

Located next door to the Township Administrative Offices

14480 Webster Road

Bath, MI 48808

Phone: (517) 641-6271

Fax: (517) 641-8189

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Clinton County Central Dispatch (911)

9-1-1 is for Emergencies & Non-Emergencies in Clinton County

(989) 224-5277 for calls from outside Clinton County