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Property Taxes


Treasurer: Steve Wiswasser

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Deputy Treasurer: Lori Hurst

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Bath Charter Township

14480 Webster Road

Bath, MI 48808

Phone: (517) 641-6728

Fax: (517) 641-4170

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Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday

There is a secure, 24-hour drop box located next the Township Office entrance that may be used for any township business, including tax and sewer payments.

Property Tax Bills

As a taxpayer, you have the responsibility to verify that payment is being made on the correct property description. The taxes amounts listed on the tax notice are levied on the property described at the top of the bill, left-hand side, and are for the indicated tax year. Please note that failure to receive a tax bill or failure to deliver timely payment does not waive interest or penalty charges. The billing and payment cycle for taxes is as follows:

Tax Period



Summer Taxes

July 1

September 14

Winter Taxes

December 1

February 14

Property Tax Information Search

Find property information and tax payment history for the past 10 years for all Bath Charter Township parcels. The database is searchable by address, parcel number or owner. Once you locate your property using the search function, you will have the option of paying your tax bill online using a credit/debit card or electronic check. See payment options below.

Current Millage Rates Updated May 19, 2017

There are four school districts within Bath Charter Township. The school district in

which your property is located determines the millage rate.

Delinquent Property Taxes

After February, all unpaid prior year taxes become delinquent and must be paid to the Clinton County Treasurer’s Office. 

The Clinton County Treasurer Tax/Property Search includes current/prior year/delinquent property tax and assessment information and is free to all users.

Payment Options

Options include mailing a check, paying in-person at the Township Offices (Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm), using the Township's 24-hour drop box (outside of Township Office doors), paying online with a credit/debit card, or paying online with an electronic check. Electronic checks are generally the least expensive method of online payment. The electronic check option is available by selecting Electronic Check in the Payment Method drop-down menu after you locate your property using the search function.

Property Tax Estimator

The Millage Rate database and Property Tax Estimator allows individual and business taxpayers to estimate their current property taxes as well as compare their property taxes and millage rates with other local units throughout Michigan.

Property Tax Explanation Video

This presentation explains why property taxes may increase while home prices are decreasing.

Summer Property Tax Deferment

For qualified residents, you may defer your summer tax bill until February 14 without penalty.

Tax Automatic Payment Authorization Form

Download a form to authorize Bath Charter Township to automatically withdraw your tax payments from your bank account.