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Building & Zoning: FAQs



How do I get in touch with an inspector?

To get in touch with an inspector, please call the Building & Zoning Department at 517.641.4238.


What is a plot plan?

A plot plan is a diagram or layout of your property showing all buildings, the proposed construction and distances between buildings and property lines. A swimming pool is treated as an accessory structure for the plot plan.


When are inspections needed?

  • Footing inspections are required before concrete is poured.
  • Rough-in inspections are required before anything is concealed. Before calling for a building rough-in or final, all the trades need to have an approved rough-in or final inspection. Checking for trade approvals is part of the building inspection.
  • Final inspections should be scheduled after the project has been completed or installed.


Do I need a permit to replace siding, shingles or windows?

By completing a maintenance permit, the building department can determine if the work requires a building permit. There is no charge for a maintenance permit.

If a damaged truss, rafter, or eave is discovered when re-shingling a roof, a building permit will be required to make the structural repair. A maintenance permit would be needed for window replacement.  If a window is made larger or smaller, a building permit is required.

Questions on what type of permit is needed? Please call 517.641.4238.

Do I need a permit for a fence?

Yes, a permit is required, but it is only used for zoning purposes. We will need a plot plan (a diagram of your property). On the plot plan you will need to show the location and height of the fence. If the fence is over six (6) feet high, a building permit along with engineering is required.

A zoning permit is also required for sheds and driveways.

Are permits required for swimming pools, spas, or hot tubs?

  • A building and zoning permit is required for all ground or in-ground swimming pools, spas, or hot tubs.
  • An electrical permit is required if the pool, spa, or hot tub has a filter.
  • A mechanical permit is required if the pool, spa, or hot tub is heated.

The following is an excerpt from the 2009 Michigan Residential Code referring to swimming pools and fences: "Any pool over 24 inches in depth requires a barrier. A barrier is defined as a fence, wall, building wall, or combination thereof which completely surrounds the pool and obstructs access to the swimming pool. If the barrier is a fence: A fence shall be 48 inches above grade. Maximum verical clearance between grade and bottom of the fence shall be 2 inches. Openings in the fence shall not be climbable. Only vertical members or chain link mesh shall be 2.25 inches unless slats are woven into the chain link. The fence shall have a self-latching or self-closing gate with the release mechanism being 54 inches from the bottom of the gate or in the alternative, be placed on the pool side of the gate - 3 inches from the top."

Do I need a demolition permit to demolish a building?

Yes, a demolition permit serves two purposes:

  • The demolition checklist needs to be completed before the demolition.
  • Alerts the assessor to remove the demolished building from your taxes.

If a building permit is pulled to replace the demolished building, there is no charge for the demolition permit.


As a trade contractor, do I need to be registered with Bath Charter Township?

No, Bath Charter Township doesn’t require a registration; however, a copy of the license is kept on file.

When are sealed architectural drawings necessary?

Sealed drawings are necessary for residential homes over 3,500 square feet and commercial projects.