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Ordinance Compliance Department



Mission: The mission of the Ordinance Compliance Department is to treat all equally and fairly while implementing the Township's goal of promoting and protecting public health, safety and general welfare of others while achieving compliance.

Vision: To maintain healthful surroundings for the agricultural, residential and non-residential areas, which are attainable through the joint efforts of the community.


  • Assist citizens in noncompliance to a resolution of compliance.

  • Provide interpretations of Township Ordinances, County and State Laws.

  • Assist citizens in finding answers to their questions.


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The following are for your use in becoming acquainted with the Ordinance Compliance (Code Enforcement) Department affiliation with county, state and national organizations.



Ordinance Compliance Officer: Gary Cypher
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bath Charter Township
14480 Webster Road
P.O. Box 247
Bath, MI 48808
Phone: 517.641.5165
Fax: 517.641.4170

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